President Tokayev takes part in Digital Bridge 2023 international forum

President Tokayev takes part in Digital Bridge 2023 international forum

Artificial intelligence, which is no longer science fiction but reality, has firmly entered the life of a modern person, automating and facilitating it, and in fact, completely changing the lifestyle. Technology affects economic processes as well. Experts estimate that its possible contribution can be compared to a quarter of global GDP, therefore, artificial intelligence can become the most important factor in the development of Kazakhstan. Today, Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev has spoken about this at the Digital Bridge 2023, the largest platform in Central Asia for discussing the latest trends and prospects for the IT industry.

“A strategic document defining the scope of application, tasks and tools for AI development will have to be adopted. This is one of the best international practices. Such a step will allow us to set a sustainable vector of the country’s technological progress. I believe that we should primarily focus on the introduction of AI technologies in important industries for our economy such as the oil and gas sector, energy, agriculture, transport and logistics,” noted the Head of State.

Using new technological solutions, it is worth remembering the regulation of the sphere, for which it is necessary to develop a legal framework, the Head of State noted. This will attract international companies to the domestic market. President Tokayev also instructed the Government to ensure the construction of data centers within the next two years. Global players such as Amazon, Google, Mastercard and Citigroup can be involved in the process. The next step is the development of a big data ecosystem for artificial intelligence.

“The National Artificial Intelligence Platform is scheduled to be launched next year. It will combine the data of the government and large businesses, ensuring their relevance and accessibility. All these measures will allow our startups, which use AI elements, to create absolutely new IT solutions that are in demand in Kazakhstan and throughout the world,” added the Kazakh President.

The full-scale implementation of the 5G network technology by 2025, the development of the venture capital market, and the transformation of the Institute of Smart Systems and Artificial Intelligence at Nazarbayev University into a research institute should give an impetus for fostering innovations. The organization is aimed at creating an ecosystem and becoming a place of attraction for experts.