President Tokayev writes about role of Kazakh language

Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev urged citizens to learn state language. He emphasized the importance of its development in his article “Independence is the most important thing”. He noted that children’s literature plays a major role in this. Therefore, in addition to the best works of Kazakh writers, it is necessary to translate, publish and distribute works of foreign authors. According to the President, presently, there is a growing number of people, who speak Kazakh and there are all opportunities in the country to make the state language actually become a unifying factor for the entire people. Almost 80 percent of the youth speaks Kazakh fluently. This data was provided by the state language development fund. Experts are confident that almost every citizen of the country will know Kazakh in some five-ten years.

“I think that 99.9 percent of Kazakh citizens will know the language in five years. There are many online websites, free mobile applications. People can learn conversational Kazakh in three months on our website. They can learn writing business papers in six months. I think that all young people will know Kazakh language in five years,” emphasized Azat Shauyeyev, Director of State Language Development Fund.