Principle of equal media coverage for all political parties and candidates observed

Vice Minister of Information and Social Development Kanat Iskakov noted at the meeting that the basic principle of equal media coverage of the activities of parties and candidates has been observed. Iskakov stressed that during the campaigning period, the ministry set itself three main tasks. Firstly, to ensure equal conditions for political parties and candidates in the pre-election race to carry out their activities. Secondly, to conduct extensive awareness-raising work among the population. And finally, to ensure that media and online platforms comply with the requirements of the electoral legislation. To this end, the ministry conducted constant monitoring, having covered a total of 576 national and regional TV channels, newspapers and Internet resources. Overall, about 10,000 news stories were presented during the campaign period.

“TV broadcasting time devoted to parties was distributed equally, with only minimal deviations of 0.3 percent to one percent. In print media, the fluctuation range varied from 0.1 percent to 0.3 percent. Overall, I believe that a slight deviation is well within the statistical margin of error,” Iskakov said.

In total, more than 10,230 polling stations will be operating in Kazakhstan on Election Day. More than 12 million people will be able to cast their vote.