Connecting Cultures

Connecting Cultures

«Connecting Cultures» a series of TV programs is about close interethnic ties of the inhabitants of Kazakhstan, where all the colors of spirit and culture of the representative of a certain nation or ethnos are revealed. Each episode is focused on culture, national cuisine, family life, friends, interesting unknown facts from diaspora representatives’s life living in Kazakhstan. Also, the heroes of the TV project will tell the story of arrival and assimilation of their family in Kazakhstan. An important emphasis in the program is the diaspora representatives’s opinion about the importance and benefits of knowing the Kazakh language, how proficiency in the state language contributes to the formation of a tolerant consciousness and behavior in society, the strengthening of attitudes of respectful interaction and unity.

You always have the opportunity to be aware of interesting facts from life and culture, national cuisine and art of certain diaspora living in our country. Anytime you watch «Connecting Cultures» as well as how these industries develop, how they affect the worldview and tastes of a modern person. 

Daniel James

African culture. How do Africans meet guests?

The African Cultural Center was opened in Almaty a year ago. Its mission is to unite everyone who comes to Kazakhstan from Africa for the purpose of study or work.