Ivaylo Todorov. Why is his favorite city Aktau?

Ivaylo Todorov is loved and appreciated by everyone who knows him. Perhaps the fact that he was born in a seaside town in sunny Bulgaria played a role. The hero of the new episode has been living in Kazakhstan for almost 20 years, he married a woman in Kazakhstan and is raising a son, Ivaylo Jr. After working in Almaty, he was invited to Aktau, where he works for a local logistics company. Ivaylo sincerely admires the nature of Mangystau, calling the local landscapes fascinating, cosmic. Ivaylo also reveres the history of this land, because Mangystau is famous for the abundance of sacred places - the seaside desert has become a haven of hermits, saints and preachers for thousands of years. And today the most important oil-bearing region feeds the economy of Kazakhstan. Viewers of the Qazaq TV channel will be able to see all this, joining the hero of the next episode of the «My Day in Kazakhstan» program.

1:28 why Aktau is a favorite city

2:05 walk along the embankment

4:41 «accident» at a gas station

5:11 Aktau acacia

5:38 office hugs

6:54 Tyson and the Beauty of depot

9:00 tanks in the city!

9:33 Gushnan with Bulgarian flavor

29:22 desert «stingray»