Snow Leopard – the Symbol of Almaty and Kazakhstan

0:33 perhaps the only city in the world within which snow leopards live

1:40 Do you happen to know where my mother is?

2:40 We are checking our photo-traps

5:30 This is where it had walked

7:10 We are now going to take part in a volunteer mission

9:00 Dina Kanysbayeva, Director, Wildlife Without Borders Foundation

10:15 Assel Isanova, Founder, Tamir School

12:40 Alexey Grachev, Head of Theriology Laboratory, Zoology Institute

13:22 The International Snow Leopard Day is celebrated annually on October 23

15:37 Snow Leopard – the Symbol of Almaty and Kazakhstan

22:00 The Ayusai tourist route reaches the third waterfall

23:29 Can it be snow leopard?

24:20 This place is unique because this is where the snow leopard’s habitat begins

29:00 What a great job they have!

30:00 It all has started in childhood, Maxim Bespalov, Specialist, Zoology Institute

31:08 Sergey Bespalov, Specialist, Zoology Institute

35:40 They usually install them on top of the ridge