0:30 Grigory Mazmanyants, Director of WWF Central Asian Program

2:50 The initial years are the most difficult in forging a stable deer population.

10:20 This is what carpet saxaul logging leaves behind! A dead field!

12:40 Leonid Sidorenko, Head of Almaty Territorial Forestry and Wildlife Inspection

13:30 Ulan Maurbayev, Deputy Director of Ile-Balkhash Reserve

14:08 Ryspek Baidavletov, Senior Researcher, Institute of Zoology of Kazakhstan

15:02 The most interesting will happen at night

17:50 This year we had a lot of fires

19:50 Water scarcity is the main issue in the area

20:25 Raya Bulybayeva, Akim of Koktal Rural District, Balkhash District

25:00 Anatoly Kudaktin, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor

32:00 We're at the Karamergen Ranger Station

32:20 Anton Benislavsky, WWF Fire Control Expert

28:20 We assume that when tigers arrive, the wolves will get scared and run away.