Qazaq Quest

Qazaq Quest

Every city will welcome our hero with open arms, only if he unravels all its secrets!

You will discover cities of Kazakhstan in a new way through the eyes of our host Aidyn on the quest travel show.

It offers a completely new and unpredictable way of traveling - not only along popular routes, but also to places that are not found in typical travel guides.

This is a fresh look on things that sometimes go unnoticed and have become familiar to most.

The main tasks of the program:

 - To show the residents of Kazakhstan and the whole world the uniqueness, beauty and inimitableness of the cities of Kazakhstan and immerse the viewers in the special atmosphere and authenticity of each city.

 - To demonstrate the key attractions of each city and catch the attention of guests and tourists, thereby increasing interest towards our country.

 - To allow the viewers to get additional information about the cities of Kazakhstan, learn new fact about history, increase the intellectual level, and also emphasize the importance of domestic tourism.