Daroot-Korgon - the southernmost point of Kyrgyzstan

We continue our journey through one of the brightest states of the Turkic world, Kyrgyzstan.

It is a country which has preserved the most ancient traditions of the nomadic people. Everywhere you can meet people who admire their culture, crafts and customs with special trepidation.

The village of Daroot-Korgon is the southernmost point of the country. Once, part of the Great Silk Road route passed through it.

Over 200 years ago, during the Kokand Khanate, a fortress was built here to protect the state from raids. They also collected tribute from travelers. Its walls still stand right in the center of the city. Locals from time to time restore the old fortress. A few years ago, they renewed the gates of the fortress, retaining the work of ancient masters.

The inhabitants of the village preserved not only a lifestyle but also national cuisine as well as the crafts of their ancestors.