Art exhibition ‘Turki Zhebesi’ opens in Nur-Sultan

Art exhibition ‘Turki Zhebesi’ opens in Nur-Sultan

From the history of the world’s creation through the eyes of the ancient Turkic peoples to the present day. A personal exhibition of Kazakh artist Yerlan Aituarov entitled ‘Turkі zhebesi’ has opened in the capital and will last a month. The exposition includes about 80 paintings, most of which are presented in the genres of history painting, portrait and landscape. Now the artist is preparing for another personal exhibition, which will allow foreign connoisseurs of art to get to know the unique national code of Kazakhstan more deeply. The works of Yerlan Aituarov are popular both in Kazakhstan and abroad. They are stored in private collections in Russia, France, Israel and Germany.

“I have been making historical landscape paintings for 40 years. It is not easy to work in this area. You need to thoroughly study history, delve into the archives. I participated in expeditions, studied various exhibits, including the Golden Man, went to Altai. I work in this direction because it is our history. We must remember and honor it,” said Yerlan Aituarov, an artist, Honored Figure of Kazakhstan.

“The artist differs in his individual style, a rave of colors. It is not even about the skillful use of color elements, but the amazing ability to express his inner self in this way. You can clearly see love for his native land and for his country in the works of the master. In addition to the beautiful landscapes of the amazing nature of Kazakhstan, the author skillfully conveys our history and achievements of the country on canvases,” said Yermukhan Zhuniskhan, Vice President of the Kazakhstan Academy of Arts.


Translation by Saniya Sakenova

Editing by Saule Mukhamejanova