Kazakh-made QazVac vaccine in demand abroad

Kazakh-made QazVac vaccine is in a high demand outside the country. International experts evaluate the domestic medicine highly. Kazakh scientists that created the anti-covid vaccine name among its advantages such properties as undemanding storage conditions, which do not require freezing, as well as the drug’s safety and effectiveness. Last year, the third phase of the clinical trials of Kazakh-made vaccine against coronavirus came to its completion. In July, the inventors got vaccinated with their own QazVac vaccine, confirming its safety by their own example.

“Today, we note the fact that results of our clinical trials have received the highest rating from international experts. This is evidenced by the publication of our results in the high-ranking Lancet family of journals,” opined Kunsulu Zakarya, Director-General, Research Institute for Biological Safety Problems, Kazakh Ministry of Healthcare.

Meanwhile, several countries have expressed interest in purchasing the QazVac vaccine. Negotiations are underway with Switzerland, India, Indonesia, Belarus and Jordan. According to the Ministry of Health, there are more than 400,000 doses of the domestic product in the country for vaccination and revaccination of Kazakh citizens. Approximately two million doses were imported.