Regions of Kazakhstan to have their own children’s ombudspersons

Children’s commissioners will be appointed in all regions of Kazakhstan, the country’s Ministry of Enlightenment announced. The position is introduced under the Government decree. The officials explained that children’s ombudspersons will consider appeals on violations of the rights and legitimate interests of children, complaints about actions or inaction by local executive bodies and other organizations. They will also take part in promoting bills to solve issues on child welfare and protection.

“The main criterion for the selection of regional children’s ombudspersons is the work experience of a candidate with children in non-governmental organizations or public activities. The applicant’s contribution to the protection of children’s rights will also be taken into account. These should be people who are respected and recognized in the regions, who have experience in child protection and a strong standpoint,” said Elina Pauli, Deputy Chairperson of the Committee for Children’s Rights Protection at Kazakh Ministry of Enlightenment.

Children’s ombudspersons will work on a voluntary basis. They have already been appointed in seven regions.