Prophecies and prophetic dreams in the culture of nomads

Among the many prophecies of Monke biy, one is frightening. It is not known how accurately it was preserved in the people's memory, but itis worth hearing anyway. This is how it sounds.

“they will live in large complex buildings, the powers will be replaced, people will gather every month at meetings that will not be of any use, the sons will be stupid, the daughters will become naughty, and the daughter-in-law will argue with the elders. People will drink yellow water which even dogs avoid, but people will crave for it. A man and a woman will quarrel, like a cat and a dog. Your younger brother will turn you into melancholy, faith will become many-sided, your tongue will be variegated and your relatives will not help you in difficult times. A horse will become an unattainable star, a sheep will become expensive, a woman will become equal with a man, and the lake with the sea. They will not look for the owner of the lost thing. They will not repay debts. The end of the world will be near and the earth will become flat. And money will besome paper. Children will become orphans, women will become lecherous, they will bare their charms. Shame will become commonplace. And there will be no way to fix it.”

These words sound sad but true. We are now observing everything that Monke biy once spoke of.