Prospects for cooperation between Kazakhstan and Germany

Prospects for cooperation between Kazakhstan and Germany

Kazakhstan and Germany are set to strengthen cooperation in such areas as mechanical engineering, electric power industry, renewable energy sources and new technologies. Kazakhstan is interested in attracting high-tech companies with innovative projects. Representatives of German business, in turn, noted that they plan to increase the volume of their investments in Kazakhstan.

“Our goal is to find points of agreement during negotiations and transfer these technologies to Kazakhstan with Kazakh content and localization of production. Personnel training, digital transformation and automation of our enterprises are also of great importance. Participants of today’s meetings have the opportunity to establish contacts,” said Meiram Pshembayev, External Adviser to Kazakh President, Chair of Kazakhstan’s Union of Mechanical Engineers.

“This will be our first project in Kazakhstan. I see very great opportunities in your country. We specialize in renewable energy projects and have worked on one of the largest projects is Sweden. Your country has excellent conditions for the construction of both solar panels and wind parks. It is also important that Kazakhstan has a huge territory where all this can be implemented,” said Wolfgang Kropp, CEO, German-Swedish group of companies.


Translation by Saniya Sakenova

Editing by Saule Mukhamejanova