Prospects for development of Kazakhstan’s economy

How can Kazakhstan move away from dependence on raw materials? According to experts, it is necessary to use ‘green technologies’ and bonds, to focus on the development of nuclear energy. Experts mainly accentuate the strengthening of the role of agriculture, assuring that the country can take a fairly significant place in the production of high-quality, environmentally friendly livestock products in the world. This product will always be in demand. In this connection, it is important to increase the volume and expand the geography of supplies. Active work is now underway in this direction: hundreds of Kazakh exporters have already presented their products at one of the most popular electronic platforms ‘Alibaba’. Thus, 4,000 Kazakhstani goods gained access to world markets.

“In the conditions of closed borders, we were able to reorient export flows from traditional directions, which turned out to be closed to new sales markets. For example, for the first time domestic safflower oil producers exported their products to Qatar and the United States. We were also able to diversify and export frozen meat from the markets of China and Central Asia to the Middle East. Now it is important to further expand the geography of the supply of our food products,” said Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, President of Kazakhstan.

A powerful driver of economic growth in Kazakhstan will also be the emphasis on the development of renewable energy sources, the conversion of coal-fired energy to gas, the production and use of hydrogen. Also, the development of fashion and textile industries will make it possible to turn light industry into a leading non-resource export position.