Renowned French scientist expresses admiration for talents of Kazakh people

Kazakh people have unique DNA, as stated by the renowned French scientist Pascal Mayer during his speech at the Nobel Fest. According to him, the talents of singer Dimash Kudaibergen and biosafety scientist Kunsulu Zakaria, who developed a domestic COVID-19 vaccine, demonstrate the nation’s giftedness. Mayer also highlighted the recognition of QazVac in France. The scientist was impressed not only by the possibility of creating such an antiviral medication, but also by the conduct of its clinical trials. Overall, in his speech, the Breakthrough Prize winner in Life Sciences underscored the widespread integration of artificial intelligence technologies in today’s world.

“I’m a hands-on AI person. Truly I started working with AI when I was in high school, believe it or not. And I programmed a neuro network on the programmable calculator from the 1970’s. What I learned from there is that neuro network by itself is not very useful. It’s for learning process which is very useful,” said Mayer.