Results of Bekire-2023 Fish Protection Campaign

Around 1,000 cases of violations of environmental legislation were detected in the water bodies of the Zhaiyk-Caspian Basin. A total of 669 people were brought to administrative responsibility. Additionally, 36 criminal cases were initiated in relation to poaching and the illegal trade of rare and endangered fish species. The violators were collectively fined an amount exceeding 15.5 million tenge. The results of the Bekire-2023 Fish Protection Campaign were summed up by representatives of the Fisheries Committee of the country’s Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources. This annual large-scale event is aimed at preserving endangered fish species and combat illegal fishing practices targeting them. 

“Around 68 tonnes of fish, including approximately 1000 kg of sturgeon species and 29 kg of sturgeon roe, were seized from illegal trade. Additionally, 295 fishing devices, 76 units of water transport, and 13 vehicles were confiscated. Through daily trawling of riverbeds and the sea area, a total of 743 units of illegal fishing gear with a combined length exceeding 74 km were recovered from the water bodies,” Ayan Bakhiyanov, spokesperson for the Kazakh Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, said.

It bears noting that the information system, which is currently being tested, will aid in combating the illicit trade of fish products. Experts say that this system will enable comprehensive monitoring of the entire process, from the fish catch to the sale to the end consumer. In line with this goal, the relevant ministry is currently procuring drones and specialized night vision equipment. Overall, around two billion tenge has been allocated this year to enhance the material and technical base of the country's fisheries inspections.