Rise in Kazakhstan’s agricultural exports to China

Kazakhstan’s agricultural products are in great demand in the Chinese markets. Last year alone, the country exported by 9% more products to China than in 2019. To date, more than 800 Kazakh enterprises are exporting their products to the neighboring country, which have received a special license to do so.

“Actually, if the exporter has received a license that means that he is ready. There are a number of products, such as meat, for which there is a high natural demand. And, as a rule, when an exporter enters this register, all of his data, including his telephone and contact address, are automatically made publicly available in China. Usually, if the product is in demand, exporters will have no shortage of buyers, who themselves begin to contact them. But the exporter, in turn, is also trying to network effectively, to participate in exhibitions, forums and trade and economic missions. This work is held quite often and quite conveniently, all in online format,” said Sergey Salmanov, foreign representative of export insurance company ‘Kazakhexport’ in China.

Experts advise those who are just starting to enter the Chinese market to try selling their products through e-commerce. This will make their goods cheaper outperforming intermediaries. They also advise them to start by opening shops at major cross-border online marketplaces.