Role of Institute of Presidency in Formation of Independent Kazakhstan

The institution of the presidency played a key role in the formation and development of sovereign Kazakhstan. At the same time, our country is practically the only country in the post-Soviet space, which has gone through the evolutionary path of forming an independent state without deep shocks, emphasizes Botagoz Kaipova, Deputy Head of the First President’s Library. According to her, important achievements over the years have been the designation of own border, formation of a stable economy, peace and stability in society.

“We all witnessed the situation in the former Soviet Union in the 90s. For some people it was an excitement about democracy, for others - complete disorder in socio-economic development. The First President at that time already in his work “Without the Right and Left” outlined that any upheavals of a social or economic nature will lead to unprecedented chaos. Therefore, only the policy of common sense can be objectively justified now. We follow this principle to this day”, said Botagoz Kaipova, Deputy Director of the Library of the First President of Kazakhstan.