School of archaeologists revived in Pavlodar region

School of archaeologists revived in Pavlodar region

School students of Pavlodar region now have an opportunity to plunge deeply into history, participate in classes by famous archaeologists and exchange experiences. Thus, regional historians will continue to strengthen their work and a group of young scientists will be formed. Students not only study the history of Kazakhstan in theory, but also learn the basics of archeology and participate in expeditions.

“I want to be a professional historian in the future. I want to develop the field of archeology. I would like to write many books on archeology and history,” shared a school student Kazbek Kendirov.

“I would like to see the places where ancient people left their traces. I want to take part in excavations and open a museum in the future. That's why I came to school,” said another student Ulyana Zabrodina.

One of the ancient settlements is are located near Lake Borili in Akkuly district. The historians estimate its age as 6,500 years. Scientists believe that this may be ancient pastoral settlements. According to researchers, the animals were domesticated in this region. School students take part in excavations here.

“We will mainly work on the Neolithic era and then the Bronze Age. And everything else that we will come across along the way, of course, we will examine. Students also help,” noted archaeologist Viktor Mertz.



Translation by Saule Mukhamejanova

Editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova