“School of Pediatric Surgeons”: world famous doctor from Russia holds master class in Nur-Sultan

Lectures for medical students, seminars and practical master classes for medical practitioners by the world-famous surgeon from Russia. A “School of pediatric surgeons” with Yuri Kozlov takes place in Kazakhstan. The expert have already conducted training for doctors from Almaty, now it is the turn of surgeons from Nur-Sultan. 15 demonstration surgeries will be held using best techniques and innovative approaches in the treatment of complex childhood diseases. The talented surgeon came to Kazakhstan at the invitation by the Representative Office of the Rossotrudnichestvo. All surgeries, lectures and seminars will be broadcast online to cover a larger audience. Practical trainings are dedicated to the memory of an outstanding Kazakh pediatric surgeon Almas Ormantayev, close friend of Yuri Kozlov.

“It is rather difficult to perform any surgery on a baby who is only a month old. We do not hide anything from our colleagues in Kazakhstan. I was pleasantly surprised by the breakthrough and the beginnings that are developing now in pediatric surgery in Kazakhstan. This is felt everywhere, not only here in the capital city with ultra-modern medical centers, but also in Almaty with more classic children’s hospitals. All hospitals are perfectly equipped, all have paraphernalia that I had not seen even in Russia. I was just delighted that I was working with new, so to speak, surgical “toys,” said the surgeon.

Yuri Kozlov said that he plans not only to perform the most complex endoscopic intrauterine surgeries and share this experience with colleagues from Kazakhstan, but also develop robotic surgery. The expert believes that it is the future of the world medicine.