School students engaged in profitable hobbies

A gifted child guided by a qualified teacher will have success. Probably everyone knows that the children’s success in school largely depends on a talented teacher. It is the first teacher, who can recognize the skills of a school student and guide him in the right direction. Raziya Akpar has been writing fairy tales since she was 10. Her mother became a teacher for her. The woman noticed her daughter’s unique talents, and supported her. Young author created a social media account, and her parents helped her to publish the works.

“My first fairy tale is called ‘The Parts of Speech’. I was given a homework assignment to write a story about the parts of speech. I liked the way I composed it, and then my mom posted it on my Instagram account. Later, I wrote fairy tales about math, music and other subjects,” said Raziya Akpar, 7th grade student.

Raziya cannot imagine her future without creativity. She wants to draw and continue to write. She is now working over her personal book of fairy tales. The book will be available for young readers in the spring. Raziya plans to replenish the book with vivid illustrations, featuring main characters.

Age is not an obstacle to self-realization, and human skills are indeed multifaceted. The young chef Zhanerke Zulpukharova proves it. A 14-year-old school student cooks chicken wings no worse than world-renowned chefs.

Zhanerke said that chicken wings are her favorite dish. Her wings are now cooked perfectly well, but few people know that the young chef has tried many recipes before she finally came up with the one she really likes. At first it was just a hobby for her, now it has become a source of income.

 “I’ve been interested in cooking since childhood. I was always looking to try something I would love, I enjoyed tasting all the food, and then I tried to cook it myself, so I learnt how to do it. My friends made the first order. They bought 40 chicken wings. I earned 4,500 tenge (US$11), plus a drink. That makes 5,000 tenge (US$12),” said Zhanerke Zulpukharova, 9th grade student.

Of course, now Zhanerke’s income has significantly grown. If earlier it was only her relatives and friends, who made orders, now the whole city knows about a young chef through social media. She said that cooking for her is only a hobby. However, it will be useful for her in the future, if she decides to open a restaurant one day.