Senate of Kazakh Parliament proposes legislation to regulate social media

The Senate of the Kazakh Parliament is proposing to regulate social media in the country. To this end, members of the upper house of the Kazakh Parliament recommend the drafting and adoption of a separate law that will hold social media users accountable for their content. This was stated by Member of the Senate Bakytzhan Zhumagulov at Parliament hearings. He said that the dissemination of false information on the Internet is a major threat to the protection of national interests.

“Amid the pandemic, ideological viruses are also spreading around the globe. False information transmits this virus through social media in an instant. So we need to adopt social media law. This is not an infringement of freedom of expression, but rather the introduction of social media in legislation to make its users more accountable to the law,” said Bakytzhan Zhumagulov, member of Senate, Upper House of Kazakh Parliament.

The Senate of the Kazakh Parliament also recommended that the government amend and supplement existing language policy documents. The aim is to strengthen the role of the Kazakh language in society and to expand the scope of its application.