Seven Kazakh startups presented at Silicon Valley conference

14 startups from Central Asia and Mongolia, with half of them originating from Kazakhstan, took part in the TechCrunch Disrupt global event in San Francisco. The domestic developers presented their IT products to Silicon Valley investors, including a project in the field of artificial intelligence and neuroradiology, as shared by Asset Abdualiyev, the founder and CEO of Silkroad Innovation Hub. According to him, the primary aim of the Hub is to foster collaboration among Turkic and Central Asian countries to expand the scope of digital solutions. Essentially, the innovation community is becoming a platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and partnership development among IT professionals, entrepreneurs and developers in the region. The consolidation of efforts by the best in the field is expected to yield ambitious results in the next 5-7 years, primarily in attracting around $300 million in startup investments. Subsequently, the export of IT products from the Hub participants could reach $1.5 billion.

“The Silkroad Innovation Hub represents eight countries, meaning we work with founders from eight different nations. Our focus is on developing the Central Eurasian region, encompassing five Central Asian states, along with Azerbaijan, Turkey and Mongolia. Our main goal is to introduce ourselves and our startups to the world, connecting with fellow entrepreneurs and venture investors, while presenting the potential of our region. For startups, the goal is probably to find new investors, customers, and establish partnerships. As organizers, our main objective is promoting our hub. Our region holds immense potential, as we and other representatives have emphasized,” Abdualiyev said.