Shooting for historical film about Kassym Khan in progress

A historical film about Kassym Khan entitled "The Dawn of the Great Steppe" is being shot in Kazakhstan. It will tell not only about the formation of Kassym Khan’s personality, but also about his struggle for the flourishing and strengthening of the Kazakh Khanate. In the film, the main character is played by two actors: Daniyar Orazayev portrays the young Kassym Khan, while Berik Aitzhanov acts as the Khan in later years. The project has an eminent cast. The film stars such legends as Erik Zholzhaksynov, Nurlan Alimzhanov and Tungyshbai Zhamankulov.

“It is quite interesting to act in a historical film, but at the same time with such a great opportunity comes great responsibility. Shooting of the film has been going on for two to three months now. I can say that the filming process is fascinating. It is very difficult to convey the image of Kassym Khan. I imagine that he was a man of strong character and a powerful, courageous, resilient, strong-spirited sultan,” the actor Daniyar Orazayev said.

The current shooting of the film is taking place in Almaty region near the town of Kapshagai. In early July the film crew will move to Kegen village, where one of the large-scale shootings will take place, film director Akan Satayev said.  After that, they will relocate to the Ile River area.

“The project is called ‘The Dawn of the Great Steppe’ and it is about our great ancestor Kassym Khan. There are 300 people in our film crew. And it is the 41st shooting day today,” film director Akan Satayev noted.

Kassym Khan is remembered for his thoughtful and forward-looking decisions and smart policies. The presentation of the film is scheduled for December to mark the 30th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s independence.


Translation by Assem Zhanmukhanova

Editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova