South Africa coronavirus variant: what is happening in the homeland of the new strain?

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Surprisingly, there are countries where the coronavirus simply ceased to exist even without vaccination. In Tajikistan, according to official data, not a single new case of infection has been registered. In the past, out of nine and a half million Tajik citizens, only 13 thousand people suffered Covid-19. 90 cases of disease ended in death. Independent sources claim that the statistics are far from reality.

Masks and sanitizers are a thing of the past in Tajikistan. According to official statistics, the country has been free of coronavirus for four months. But cases of pneumonia have become more frequent in the country. As you know, this is the main manifestation of covid-19. Despite this, mass vaccination has begun in the country. So far, vaccine produced in India is used in the country. There are plans to approve the Russian and Chinese vaccines.

Another state that is almost on top of that list is South Africa. All over the world, it became famous for a new mutation of the coronavirus, which is much more difficult to defeat than others. Even a number of vaccines cannot protect against infection with the South African strain.

The restrictions are gradually being lifted and relaxed on the European continent. Last year, Italy was the first to fall ill here - 40 thousand cases of new infections were recorded per day! Before countries began to close their borders, Italians were feared and avoided. It was Italy that first introduced the strictest quarantine, which people observe up to the present day. And only now the light at the end of the tunnel appeared - the government announced the day when the country would once again open its doors to tourists.