Farabi Davletchin: I was shocked when Jason Statham tagged mе

In the new issue of Sports Nation, we will visit the most popular amateur race in Kazakhstan. We will talk to the world champion in taekwondo, the author of the world-famous Bottle Cap Challenge Farabi Davletchin. At the end of the issue, we will plunge into the world of powerlifting with Ruslan Silin, Champion of Asia. 

Friends, not so long time ago a viral challenge took over the Internet, where amateurs and professional athletes were kicking caps off bottles. But few people know that the author of the Bottle Cap Challenge, which was supported by Jason Statham, Jackie Chan, and many other stars, was a guy from Kazakhstan. Farabi Davletchin, known as Farakicks, world taekwondo champion, holder of the black belt in aikido is the star of our issue.