Bakhtiyar Artaye: Our result in the Olympic games is very weak

In our new issue of Sports Nation, we'll visit the Kazakh President's Hockey Cup and tell you what to expect from Barys in the KHL. We'll talk to Olympic champion Bakhtiyar Artayev and find out what reforms await Kazakhstani boxing. At the end of the issue, we will dispel all the myths about billiards and talk about their benefits.

At the Tokyo Olympics, Kazakhstan's team set several anti-records. First of all, our athletes have never returned from the major games of the four-year period without gold medals. Second, our boxers. They are the main hope of the Kazakhstani fans for the gold. But not this time. They got only 2 bronze medals awarded to Saken Bibossynov and Kamshybek Kunkabayev. What was the reason for such a performance and what reforms are waiting for the Kazakhstani boxing? We talk to Bakhtiyar Artayev, vice president of the Boxing Federation of Kazakhstan.