Antonio Rukavina: Being a good player doesn't mean being a good coach

In the new issue of Sports Nation, we will sum up the performance of Kazakhstani athletes at the Paralympic Games in Tokyo. Let's talk to one of the most star legionnaires in domestic football, Antonio Rukavina. At the end of the issue, we will tell you what jiu-jitsu is and why they love it so much in Kazakhstan.

Bright and talented legionnaires have always played in the Kazakhstan football championship. We have already told you the stories of Andrey Arshavin, Marin Tomasov, and Nenad Erić. As you may have guessed from the location, today we are again talking about the Astana football player. The former Serbian national football team player is having his farewell season. He has already announced that at the end of the year he will finish his career as a football player, so we have a special reason for the interview.