State budget expenditures increase in Kazakhstan

State budget expenditures are planned to be increased in Kazakhstan by 1.3 trillion (US$3 billion) for the next three years. Their total value is projected at 15 trillion tenge (US$35 billion). At the end of two months of this year, a quarter of the state budget expenditures accounted for social assistance and security. The costs of the healthcare sector grew by more than 70 percent than in the same period last year, amounting to over 488 billion tenge (more than US$1.1 billion). The growth of expenses in education amounted to 7.3 percent, or 482 billion tenge (US$1.1 billion). Overall, according to analysts, the growth of expenses was registered in almost all sectors. The costs were reduced only on general public services, culture, sports, tourism and information space, as well as the costs of the fuel and energy complex and subsoil use, the costs of industry, architectural, urban planning and construction activities.

Translation by Saniya Sakenova

Editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova