Where is free of COVID-19 paradise and how much does it cost?

From virus to crisis, Spain has broken all unemployment records among developed countries. How do people survive now? All this in the new episode of the Stop Covid program.

The scandal around the British-Swedish vaccine continues to grow in the world. Cases of death and thrombosis are already counted in the tens. While the World Health Organization denies a link between vaccinations and cardiovascular disease, European scientists have shown that thrombosis and painful blood clotting may be a rare body reaction to the drug. Most of the EU, as well as the US, have so far suspended the use of the drug and have already stated that there is no need for it.

But it is already clear that the rates of vaccination are significantly behind the set plan.

Turkey is putting a special hope on Vaccinations. These days, the country is in the most deplorable state compared to almost the entire world with 40 to 50 thousand infections registered per day. Most of it is already a mutated strain of the coronavirus. Now a number of countries, including Russia, are ready to temporarily close their borders with the country. Turkey itself is also considering the option of a lockdown during the holy month of Ramadan.