Сultural interaction: French DJ inspired by Kazakh ethno music

Kazakh ethnic music is unique and distinctive. French DJ Philip Sand was impressed by its sound, and now he intends to integrate its elements in his future tracks. Philip has been living in Astana for a little over a year. He is an employee of the French Embassy in Kazakhstan. Apart from work, he has a favourite activity, which captured him entirely and he started writing and mixing music compositions. To date, he has dozens of performances as a DJ on dance floors in many countries.

“I think the ethnic music has started to be very popular. This is the new wave coming up. I believe people have heard a lot of electro music, tech house music at large. And now people are looking for some new sounds, which we can get from tribal music. Tribal in general is from South America, Central Asia and Africa. There are many different instruments in all these areas. As producers, we try to pick up these instruments and show them to the public. One of my biggest plans is to try to use some Kazakh instruments in my tracks,” said Sand.

The French guest was impressed by the Kazakh music and cuisine as well. He visited one of the national restaurants and tried to play the national instrument dombyra. Nowadays, he plans to travel to the south and west of the country to learn more about the culture of Kazakhstan.

“Both our countries are very open-minded to know each other and make more exchange. I try my best to bring more influence from Europe about the music, night clubbing and electronic music. I need some time to understand the culture and be more aware of different specific parts of that. I’m working on a project with a Kazakh singer. It’s not specifically a real Kazakh song, just like a modern mainstream song. She contacted me. This is exclusive news,” added Sand.

Philip Sand also disclosed his creative plans concerning both Kazakhstan and his homeland. Philip plans to take part in a festive concert in the Kazakh capital to mark the country’s Independence Day, work with the Astana Opera Theater, and perform on Christmas holidays in France.