Talented children from Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Kyrgyzstan

We will tell you about several young talents right now! All of them are talented and exceptional in their own way.
 Our first talanted boy is  Ruslan Safarov. He took part in one popular television project of the Russia channel, millions of people in different countries of the world were amazed and fascinated by his math abilities. People immediately started talking about him that he is an exceptional child who will certainly achieve great heights in his future activities and, possibly, will become a genius. As for Diana Yerkin we can say that she  had won the top prizes of fourteen republican and international contests by the age of 13. The third guest is Nurtilek Dzhumagaziyev. When you watch this young dancer, once again you are convinced that talent is a special thing and not everyone has it. It is obvious that Nurtilek Dzhumagaziyev has a talent in his blood. He is so graceful, musical, slightly daring on the stage and a really charming boy.