Tandoor flatbread: recipe, popular types

Tandoor is the name of clay oven of the Eastern peoples. In it Bread is baked on an open fire. The history of tandoor dates back to ancient times. The first ovens appeared 4-5 thousand years ago, and different food was cooked in them. Over time, the shape of the oven changed, the method of baking was improved, and tandoors designed to bake flatbread have reached our time.

Tandoor Flatbread is not so difficult to make. It's a common yeast dough. Butter and milk are added to it, which makes the bread soft and fragrant. And it remains fresh for a very long time, it can be stored for 3-4 days, and it will remain soft and airy thanks to milk and sunflower oil.

Indeed, bread baked in a tandoor oven has the property of being stored longer than normal bread. But this is not what attracts buyers. First of all, people like the specific taste and aroma of tandoor bread.