“Terricon valley”: How Kazakh IT companies prepare for entering world markets

“Terricon valley”: How Kazakh IT companies prepare for entering world markets

Kazakh IT companies prepare for entering world markets. However, before focusing on export, it is, first, necessary to conduct research of the target audience and competitors, to prepare a product that satisfies the needs of customers and much more. Courses can help with this. Karagandy IT Hub “Terricon Valley” has organized trainings for IT companies and freelancers. A six-week free course with international experts as lecturers was established for 25 startup teams and software developers.

“We have a massive goal – to train 10,000 experts in the field of information technologies in five years. How will this be done? Acceleration programs will be conducted on the basis of IT hubs. These programs take startups and adapt their business model, give them the tools. They are assigned with the so-called tracker, a person who has competencies, who has business experience, who knows how startups work. He or she helps this startup grow,” said Alexandr Bondarenko, participant of the Terricon Valley initiative.

The acceleration program for freelancers of the Terricon Valley is supported by Kazakh Ministry of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry as well as the largest technology park of IT startups in Central Asia – Astana Hub.

“There are many startups. For example, a platform appeared recently, a company that brings together flower shops on one website and engages in flower delivery. They help set up marketing for sales companies and for customers to find a wide selection and a great deal. Now they want to create a platform where every resident can plant a tree, choose a place where he or she can plant and choose the type of tree. Then pay for this tree and plant it. This civic initiative will be on green space,” added Bondarenko.

The “Terricon Valley” initiative was launched two years ago. Its main task is to create a comfortable environment for the development of IT field in Karagandy and help successful projects scale not only within the country, but also in the region as a whole.


Photo:  internationalwealth.info