The host of the program is preparing the Uyghur «Lagman»

Uyghur dastarkhan is rich in national dishes.  The famous lagman and manty, no doubt, will please any guest.  Since I undertook to study the history and culture of the Uighur people, I certainly could not miss the national cuisine.  Therefore, today I came to the famous Uyghur ethno-restaurant.  One of the main, favorite and most popular Uyghur dishes is lagman.  These are noodles that are pulled from coarsely chopped dough pieces and served under a special sauce.  Depending on the season, lagman is divided into 4 types.  So, in spring, the gravy for this dish is prepared from green onions, jusai, celery and radish.  In summer, add cucumbers, garlic, short and long beans, tomatoes, red, green peppers and eggplants.  In autumn, lagman is made from carrots, radishes and potatoes, and in winter, salted and dried vegetables are used.  In addition, lagman may differ in the thickness of the noodles and the type of flour from which it is made.  More details in this release!