The Secret of Ariant's Cauldron

He thought over this order for more than one day. On the one hand, he wanted to consolidate his authority as a ruler, and on the other hand, he needed to celebrate victory over the enemies and inspire the people. Moreover, the messengers delivered the order of the ruler to all the tribes: “It is a pride of the gods and ancestors, my fearless warriors, brave Scythians! You are tirelessly racing and poking with the eye, destroy the enemy with your arrows. Your king commands every Scythian to come to him and bring the tip of an arrow. The one who disobeys the order is threatened with death.”

When the people fulfilled the imperial will, then all the collected tips were melted and they made something unprecedented of metal. It was not a giant weapon or an imposing statue of a deity or ruler. Scythians created a huge cauldron. For many years, it struck the imagination of everyone who saw it or heard about this miracle.

Over time, the cauldron turned into a sacred relic, traces of which were lost in the steppes. The name of the Scythian king is preserved in world history as a legend about the “Ariantes’ cauldron”.