The Secret of Eleke Sazy. The greatest discovery of Kazakh archaeologists

The Eleke Sazy complex is one of the most recent discoveries in the world of archeology in Kazakhstan. It is located in the mountains of Tarbagatai at an altitude of 1,500 meters above sea level. Hidden from prying eyes, protected by nature itself, for a long time the tract remained out of sight of scientists. Although rumors that once royal people had been buried here were circulated among the people. Someone said that the hills there are ancient mounds.  Others argued - in the Shiliktinsky Valley next door - just 100 kilometers in a straight line, the mounds would be higher. And then just embankments, if it’s the grave, then ordinary people. But it was not possible to check the version. And only in 2011, archaeologists seriously drew attention to the plateau lost in the mountains. You will learn more about this in this issue!