The uniqueness of the invention of LEDs

00:20 The project presenter arrived in the main city of Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan, to learn about the production potential of the Kazakh capital.

02:12 Nur-Sultan, like any large and developing city, today actively uses the world practice of creating special economic zones.

05:44 INTERVIEW: Technical characteristics of LED lamps made in Kazakhstan.

09:30 Experts assemble LED lamps by hand and always test products.

09:45 INTERVIEW: The uniqueness of the invention of LEDs.

10:17 How Kazakh lamps are adapted to the conditions of Nur-Sultan.

10:50 The company also produces poles for lighting fixtures for the city.

14:35 Benefits of the Nur-Sultan 3D model project.

15:36 The goal of the project is to integrate modern technologies into all spheres of the economy.

15:50 INTERVIEW: How the digital model of the development of the capital of Kazakhstan works.

19:20 INTERVIEW: Project for future monitoring of the entire territory of the Kazakh capital.

20:05 How Kazakh company intends to be competitive in the global space technology market.

28:50 INTERVIEW: The production task of the enterprise.

29:22 Nur-Sultan is a large industrial city that surprises with its unique innovative developments.