There is no shortage of diesel fuel in Kazakhstan, Roman Sklyar says

“There is no shortage of fuel and lubricants in the country, including the diesel fuel”, First Deputy Prime Minister Roman Sklyar reported to Mazhilis members. According to him, in order to maintain the balance of petroleum products on the domestic market, work is currently underway to extend the ban on their export from the territory of the country until the end of 2022. To exclude the facts of limited sales of fuel and lubricants there is a constant forecast and analysis of the impact of prices, supply and demand. In addition, a set of measures was adopted to reform the production and distribution system, which includes eliminating unproductive intermediaries and revising the oil supply scheme to refineries. “The government is taking all the measures to prevent a sharp increase in wholesale and retail prices for fuel and lubricants”, Roman Sklyar assured. 825,000 tonnes of fuel and lubricants will be imported from Russia to Kazakhstan in 2022.


Translation by Zhanna Smagulova

Editing by Saule Mukhamejanova