TikTok lessons: Kazakh teachers blow up on social media

TikTok lessons: Kazakh teachers blow up on social media

Teachers from Kazakhstan are taking TikTok by storm. Three young men – teachers of chemistry, English and physics are becoming popular online. Today their videos with content valuable for schoolchildren and more gain tens of thousands views.

The study of subjects can and should be interesting, the young teachers believe, taking into account that the so-called generation Z today cannot imagine their life without smartphones. TikTok and Instagram are social media where children spend most of their time. That is how the idea was born. Why not teach there and talk about difficult things in a simple, understandable and, most importantly, cheerful way?

“Showing children that learning can be entertaining. One of the greatest sources they have is their own interest, thanks to which, they can study a lot of literature, try to figure out something. The most important thing is to generate interest. This is exactly the thing we are doing great,” said Ulan Ussenov, a chemistry teacher.

Jump2Mars project has gained almost 30,000 followers on TikTok in less than a month. The team outlines historical facts, publishes quizzes, posts tests to prepare for the high school graduation exam and runs contests.

 “We try to show things in an interesting way, with humor or different approach. For example, to explain grammar differently from the traditional way, it is already a huge step forward,” shared Jangir Korzhumbayev, an English teacher.

According to one of the teachers Bisultan Omirbayev, the Jump2Mars project is about the love of education. If children can watch entertaining content on the Internet for hours, why not offer them to do this with benefit. Topics can vary from school curriculum to social videos. The men are already making plans for the future videos.

“We should definitely touch upon a topic related to traditions, Kazakh culture to promote it further. According to the statistics in our TikTok account, we have viewers not only from Kazakhstan. There is a large number of children from Russia, Ukraine, if I’m not mistaken, CIS countries in general. By covering the topic of national traditions, we will be able to promote them further,” added Omirbayev.

The fact that the project is operating out of sheer enthusiasm is also interesting. Nevertheless, the men do not plan to monetize it in the future. Moreover, every teacher who is ready to work in a modern format can become a part of the team. According to the organizers, many Kazakh teachers are already sending applications to join them.

Translation by Saniya Sakenova

Editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova