Top 10 IT startups of 2020 announced in Kazakhstan

The Top 10 IT startups according to the ‘Astana Hub’ International Technopark of IT startups were announced in Nur-Sultan. The ranking includes domestic developers of innovative and technological products and services. They were selected according to a number of criteria, including the solution of important and problematic issues in the market, social significance, the growth rate of business development and the presence of a professional team. The top 10 included projects in such fields as healthcare, education, economy, transport system, HR, marketing and sales projects. The ranking of the best IT startups is held annually. It allows not only to identify successful players among domestic tech startups in the market, but also to stimulate the development of IT entrepreneurship, and, most importantly, to indicate the vector of further development of innovation in Kazakhstan.

“Any startup that has an IT component can easily enter the markets, so we assessed if the startup could do it. We assessed the financial indicators of the startups, the financial metrics, because it is a core point and the competency of a team. It took a long time for the jury to decide which of the startups is the best, there were debates going on for one or two points. Indeed, all of the startups are really strong and choosing the strongest of them was a very difficult task,” said Andrey Kryukov, senior manager of Programs Department of Astana Hub.