Top careers in Kazakhstan for 2023: teachers, educators and sellers

In 2023, teachers, educators, sellers, and market vendors will be the most in demand professions in Kazakhstan. Thus, according to the medium-term forecast, the overall supply of these specialists is projected at around 198,000 people this year, the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population reports. There is also a high demand in the sphere of business services for employees such as general office workers, real estate and other property agents, developers of software, and specialists in its testing. Besides that, industry needs drivers of cars, freight transport, and electricians. Then there are farmers, tractor drivers, and others.

“This is primarily due to the demographic situation. We believe that demand  for human resources in such areas as education, healthcare, and trade is connected precisely with population growth. Various factors and statistical data are taken into account. Experts predict that in the next 30 years, there will be a high demand for specialists in the service and education sectors,” said Ulpan Shegenova, spokesperson for the Workforce Development Centre.