Trade turnover between Kazakhstan and China reaches almost US$23 billion in 2021

Trade between Kazakhstan and China has increased 60 times over the years of Independence. If the trade volume between the countries amounted to only US$368 million in 1992, last year this figure reached almost US$23 billion. The data is given in an article about the Chinese-Kazakh friendship written by Chinese Ambassador to Kazakhstan Zhang Xiao, which was published in the first days of January. China invested in Kazakhstan’s economy more than US$21 billion in 2020, the author informed. These funds were used to support projects in the fields of industry, agriculture, energy, transport and the green economy. Five permanent border points, five cross-border oil and gas pipelines, two border rail lines are operating between the states. The China-Kazakhstan Logistic Base in Lianyungang city became an important hub connecting Asia and Europe. An effective partnership allowed China to strengthen its forces on the international platform. Now China’s exports to other countries is estimated at trillions.

“The volume of exports and imports reached six trillion fifty billion dollars. Eight years after this figure first crossed the mark of four trillion dollars in 2013, it broke the all-time record twice within a year – first at five, and now at six trillion dollars,” said Li Kuiwen, spokesperson of the China’s General Administration of Customs.

“China’s foreign trade kept improving, both quantitatively and qualitatively amid the constantly emerging outbreaks of the pandemic in the world. For 13 consecutive years, China has been the world’s largest exporter. We have achieved figures that far exceeded expectations and will be a good start to the 14th five-year plan,” noted Yan Min, director of the Macro-Economy Division at the Economic Forecasting Department.


Translation and editing by Saniya Sakenova