Transition to Latin script is step towards globalization, expert says

The transition of the Kazakh alphabet into Latin script will accelerate the process of Kazakhstan’s entry into the global information space. Doctor of Philology and Professor Zeinep Bazarbayeva shared her opinion in an interview with Qazaq TV. She said that this way the world community, where 80 to 90 percent of the population writes and reads in the Latin-script alphabet, will find it easier to get acquainted with the rich heritage, culture and history of the Kazakh nation.

“The revised new alphabet in the Latin-based style was discussed at spelling group meetings, seminars, round tables, conferences and was highly rated not only by experts, but also by the general public. The revised alphabet and spelling rules will now be submitted for consideration to the national commission under the country’s government,” said Zeinep Bazarbayeva, Member of Kazakh National Academy of Sciences.