Twelve Kazakh startups undergo acceleration program in Silicon Valley

Twelve Kazakh startup developers have embarked on a training program in Silicon Valley, the United States. They have started the acceleration program initiated in May as part of cooperation between Astana Hub and Draper University. At that time, a total of 15 startups, not only from Kazakhstan but also from Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, and Mongolia, were selected to go to the U.S. This time, the participants again underwent careful selection process. Only one-tenth of the 120 applicants managed to beat numerous opponents and get ahead. The training program consists of three stages, with 80 startups completing the second stage online. Some of them got the chance to go to the world innovation center for a five-week program. Now, Kazakh startups will receive advanced knowledge and experience from the best mentors and attract investments to expand their projects globally.

“This program has been fully implemented with the support of the Kazakh Ministry of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry, within the cooperation established with the World Bank to foster innovative advancements in Kazakhstan. This partnership has provided the opportunity to send domestic startup founders to excel on an international stage. The projects are diverse, ranging from HR-tek to Fin-Tek. These projects are substantial, functioning as robust IT companies that have successfully garnered funding and generated profitable revenue. There are also projects in earlier stages of development,” said Shyngys Orazbek, senior manager of the International Relations, Investments and Export Office at the Astana Hub.