U.S. company develops production of battery electric locomotive in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan will start producing battery electric locomotives. Wabtec, a world leader in the field of transport and logistics, is already developing a new product in the field of green energy. The project is at the design stage. It is expected that by 2026 the production of electric locomotives using eco-friendly technologies will be established in the U.S., and a little later will begin to be introduced in Kazakhstan - on the basis of a Locomotive Kurastyru Zauyty (LKZ) in Astana. 

“Right now, Wabtec is finalizing the design and we will move into the production phase. I believe that by 2026 we should be able to make the first battery electric locomotive out of the U.S. and then we will obviously move the production over to LKZ facility here, and we will be able to produce such locomotives for LKZ in the future,” said Nurlybek Akhmetov, the spokesperson for the Locomotive Kurastyru Zauyty, Wabtec Company.

U.S. company intends to open engineering center in Kazakhstan

Moreover, the U.S. company expanded the manufacturing capabilities of Locomotive Kurastyru Zauyty in Astana: for this year the company is on track to produce 90 locomotives, which a double what Wabtec produced last year. Earlier, during a meeting with Kassym-Jomart Tokayev in New York, Rafael Santana, CEO of Wabtec, announced plans to invest almost $1 billion in the transport and logistics sector of Kazakhstan.

“One of the projects within those investments will be that Wabtec is planning to open an engineering center in Kazakhstan to make it become one of the centers of excellence for locomotive design and maintenance. We’ve been working in Kazakhstan for quite some time now. Obviously, the company does believe that the investment climate is really good, and we do believe that there is a potential opportunity for future growth, not only with Kazakhstan but also with the entire region. Wabtec chose Kazakhstan as a hub for its future business operations,” added Akhmetov.