UNESCO organizes Roza Baglanova’s anniversary tribute concert

UNESCO organizes Roza Baglanova’s anniversary tribute concert

The 100th birth anniversary of the legendary Kazakh singer Roza Baglanova was celebrated in Paris. The anniversary of the people's artist was included in the calendar of UNESCO observances and a big tribute concert was organized in this regard.

“Kazakhstan's membership in UNESCO marks 30 years. So, we can say that today's event illustrates the place our country has taken within UNESCO. So many people came to the concert, and these were not only our compatriots, but also representatives of international diplomacy. The artists were warmly welcomed as well,” Roza Karibzhanova, spokesperson for the Kazakh Ministry of Culture and Sports, said.

The Kazakh pop stars and classical singers introduced the international audience to the legacy of the great performer. The songs of Abai, Kaldayakov and Tilendiyev, as well as the inspiring story of the life of the Kazakh singer with an incredible voice touched the hearts of both the artists and the audience.

“It is a great honor for me to take part in this wonderful concert, because Roza Baglanova is a prominent figure in our country, and this concert is dedicated to her 100th anniversary. This is our Kazakh art, and we came to present it. May it continue to develop and flourish,” said People’s Artist of Kazakhstan Nurzhamal Ussenbayeva.

“It was an extremely professional, very touching, sophisticated and emotional performance. And I would like the audience of our theater to see how professional you all are. We all know about Kazakhstan, and we are also very interested in learning more about your cultural traditions,” Eleonora Vossi, music theater director, said.

Baglanova has gained incredible recognition over her long career. During her lifetime, she was able to perform at many different stages ranging from front-line and improvised ones to huge famous concert halls. Her voice was heard in space orbit too. The Kazakh singer toured all over the world and performed in many different languages.