Unique find in Turkistan region

An ancient tombstone, kurgan stelae, was discovered in the Turkistan region. The unique find dates back to the 1st-3rd centuries AD. Historians say that the monument could have been created in honor of a well-known commander of that time, since it depicts a military headgear. There’s another theory that this stone belongs to the Old Turkic era. Scientists say that in the old days such monuments with graphic images of generic symbols were placed on the graves of high-ranking people.

“This is a very valuable and rare exhibit that was found in the Shardara district. This is a historic place. I think the kurgan stelae was made in honor of the Hun warrior,’ said Nurlan Symailov, head of Museum of Shardara District in Turkistan Region.


Translation by Assem Zhanmukhanova

Editing by Saule Mukhamejanova