Unique methods of studying Kazakh language arouse interest among young people

Learning Kazakh is very easy! A resident of the capital has developed a simplified methodology for learning the state language via video lessons in a chat bot of a popular messenger. Such a bright idea came to him during the coronavirus quarantine, says Sergei Khvan. Today, his online language courses are in demand not only among Kazakh residents, but also among people living abroad. Approximately 600 students from Russia, Kazakhstan, Singapore, South Korea, Spain and the US study remotely using his methodology. 30 teachers conduct individual online classes for one hour five days a week. According to Sergei Khvan, the uniqueness of the innovation is that students can improve speaking skills faster, using everyday language, common set expressions and collocations.

“The entire online school was created on a smartphone, using Telegram app. We ask short questions, students answer them. In case they find it difficult to answer, we send them a short video and provide some explanations. I wrote a book on how to comprehend the entire structure of the language using only one verb, and  this amounts to 600 tense forms,” the project author said.



Translation by Zhanna Smagulova